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I purchased a cover for our boat. The rep at knew we did not pull the boat and trailer it and was told we needed a cover for the boat while in the water. The cover was wrong and for a trailer. As a matter of fact it did not even cover the whole boat. I asked for a customer service supervisor to call on many occasions. A supervisor never called. I got back from a long trip out of the country, called this morning and they...
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Cover looks great in the box when you receive it.Don't believe their 5 or 10 year warranty. They state waterproof (not even water resistant). My Yamaha WaveRunner fills with water after each rain. The Cover faded horribly in only two months. Customer service said they will replace for $50 shipping fee, about 50% of the original cover cost. I'm certain I would have the same issue with the new cover - poor quality dyes used in the fabric....
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I liked
  • Delivery on time
  • Free shipping
  • Built-in straps for towing
I didn't like
  • Not waterproof
  • Anything about the company
  • Customer service seems incompetent
I ordered the cover they suggested for my boat and it was the wrong size but being winter and the boat was in storage ,I waited till it started to get nice out (about 45 days after ordering) I was told they would not help me. I wish I had ordered from Cabela's. The strapping was different from the picture and it was 74 inches wide and I needed 94 inches. They always like to fall back to its my fault and I was past there 30 day warranty. No...
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Anonymous I think the company practiced due diligence. You were obligated to try the cover upon receipt. How does the company know if you just used it for a couple weeks, and then wante...

I didn't like
  • Processing of order for correct fit of vehicle
This company really does suck.Cover looks great online, but it isn't what you get. Doesn't fit properly and the strap connects are NOT part of the cover like they show in their pictures. I emailed customer service multiple times as well as sending them pictures comparing what I got to what they SAY you will get on their website. After multiple attempts of asking them to explain their crappy strap system that has loops versus actual strap...
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The old saying holds true with Seal Skin Covers, "you get what you pay for". I needed a cover for my 21' CC boat and they were the only ones that offered something that worked. Being a cheap price I decided to take a chance and what I ended up getting was a junk cover. First they shipped a cover that wasn't even made for my boat. I had to send that one back and wait for one that actually fit my boat. After only 6 months of use it started to give...
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I ordered a boat cover from these guys based on the information provided by their sales dept. It arrived promptly, but was the wrong cover for my boat. After numerous calls and e-mails to the customer service dept., I was given a return label for UPS. This was after arguing with a service person who wanted me to still try the wrong cover on my boat. The cover was received by them a week ago and I am still waiting for a credit to my credit card....
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I didn't like
  • Customer service and lack of response