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Ordered a cover and was able to find the supposed exact fit for my motorcycle. Got it and it did not fit. Sent email and they responded while I was on vacation. I sent an email back the day I saw it and stated I was on vacation and this was the first opportunity to respond. A few weeks later, I had know response and sent them another email. I ended up talking to them and found out I should have had a 4XL not a 3XL that they sent. Now they are...
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Ordered cover for Honda Goldwing and received a cover for maybe a scooter. Returned for a larger cover and provided a picture of the motorcyle with the way too small cover,so they then had a picture of size of motorcycle that needed the cover. Once again they sent a cover way too small. We requested a refund of which they took out a stocking fee saying the covers were semi custom, just because we requested a cover for a certain motorcycle style....
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Seal Skin Covers - Terrible motorcycle cover
I bought a motorcycle cover with a ten year warranty, but the cover started to disintegrate within one year. When I contacted customer service I was informed they will replace the cover exactly one time in during the ten year period...not much of a warranty when the product is poorly made. When I finally started the return policy (because my cover no longer covered the motorcycle) I was informed I will have to pay an additional $35 to cover...
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I didn't like
  • Quality of the cover
  • Promises they dont keep
  • Customer service and lack of response
Worst customer service in the history of customer service.Sent wrong cover, would not send return label. Got PayPal involved, got label, no word from them. This is after many emails and phone calls. Waiting for Paypal to get my money back, they have my money and the cover. These people are crooks. I would buy anywhere but from them even if i had to pay double.Please do yourdelf a favor and go elsewhere.
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